Why Copy Editing Is Important For Your Brand

Consider the following sentence:  Their are some errors, but you’re trust in us is invaluable.

No brand or news outlet in their right mind would print such a thing. They’re common grammatical errors that happen way too often because the English language likes to play tricks.

It may be crucial to your company’s success in hiring a professional copy editor. Copyediting is an extremely valuable skill that covers many different aspects of language editing. Not only is the language being appraised but it also assesses its accuracy and consistency in terms of voice, word choice and information presented. Dissecting sentences allows understanding of what is being conveyed to the audience and how they are conveying it.

Copy Editing Style Guide Idea

Here is a typical style guide that many copy editors use and rely on:

Check Your Grammar and Syntax

Mistakes happen, we sometimes type too quickly and miss a letter. Watch your syntax, word positioning is critical, it can change your sentence’s meaning.

Punctuate Correctly

This is the singular most overlooked and ignored part of proofreading. AP style doesn’t use the serial comma, but a brand you’re writing copy for may. Make note of it.

How Do You Number?

Make yourself a strict guide for representing numbers and stick to it. Do you spell them all out except years and dollar amounts? It’s also important to understand where your writing is going, news or blog? That means AP style must be used proficiently throughout your article.

Picking Words

There are the obvious mistakes––“conscious” for “conscience,” for example—and then there are the less obvious ones. Do you really mean “onto,” or do you mean “on to”? Do you mean “a while” or “awhile”? There are probably many more instances of words not meaning what you think. Research — it helps.

AP Style

Do you follow AP Style? You should. Preferably AP Style is used in many marketing and media firms as well as in news outlets. Study it and memorize it. Practice it.

Statistics/Outside Information

Anytime you give the reader information research it to make sure it’s true. This is where a professional copyeditor can be invaluable. If you state a statistic, cite it (hyperlink it in your article). This brings credibility to your writing.

Employing a professional Copy Editor will ensure that copy written will be combed over with a fine tooth comb before publishing. This ensures that your brand will always be represented with finesse.