More About Maria

I’ve always loved words, and I’ve always loved advertising.

I’ve never had trouble with the “What do you want to do when you grow up?” thing. I knew right away that some form of writing was going to be involved.

My first go ’round with college I majored in English and Secondary Education. Naivety was a friend of mine, and as I was doing my student teaching I realized I wanted to read and write papers, not just grade them.

After spending 8 years as a blogger and social influencer, I switched gears. I started my freelance writing in 2010 and soon it turned into citizen journalism. They’ve included pieces on current events, calling out another writer who fat-shamed women, and discussions on what to do when your 7-year-old downloads porn!

I’ve been featured on various times on health and infertility issues as well.

However, understanding the marketing side of copy is what truly drew my attention.

This time around, I chose a major that fits what I love, Communication and Journalism. I’m a certified SEO specialist, Copy Editor and Copy Writer. I’ve worked for clients as big as Kraft or as little as the mom and pop restaurant around the corner.

Obviously, marketing has changed over the years, but I love the way it’s transformed. I love the fact that people can see right through the facade. And now we have to create a better product, a more human-focused service, a more captivating story.

Make something awesome, and it becomes a huge part of the marketing all by itself. Don’t forget to be transparent too. (The challenge which I always overcome: Convincing CMOs of this. Oye.)

I’ve also got an almost unhealthy obsession with everything digital, social and tech, which means for me marketing is more fun than ever. Creating digital copy to infographics that more than just work is what makes marketing so much fun.

Plus, I just love copywriting.

Okay, design, too—but don’t ask me to draw something you’ll recognize. I just have a decent feel for knowing what works. I can see it in my mind’s eye and execute it justly.

If you’re looking for someone who can think up big ideas (and small ones), write for different audiences (no matter where they’re experiencing the brand), and collaborate with different people on your team (from planners to developers to designers—even account people), then we might make a good match.

If you’d like to know more or see my experiences, please download my resume.

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