How Copy Writing Changed the Marketing Industry

Marketing has changed and has become more digitalized. Even billboards are now digital — sorry billboard installers. With digitalization comes a new wave of marketing and copywriters and editors — some more than others — are prepared to take the world by storm.

New creatives who understand how brands need to evolve are coming up with copy that can affect people’s emotions and a brand’s influence. It is known that people share content that appeals to them, that “speaks” to them, and as such it is important for any copywriter to fully grasp and utilize this concept.

Copywriters have changed the marketing industry with their ingenuity and love of technology bringing new content and modernizing the old.

The following are areas in content copy that every brand should have access to.

Article Content

People share content that provides deep insight or evokes powerful emotion. I create articles that are heavily researched, educational, and elicit strong interest or emotion in the target audience. Article content can also be written in long form 1000 plus words, or in short form of 300 to 700 words maximum. It all depends on the topic at hand and the needs of the brand.

Product Copy

Think about the last time you purchased something online. Did you read the description before you “added to cart”? Customers are more likely to convert when product descriptions are available. I offer more than unique product copy. I create a consistent brand voice that sells a product’s benefits, rather than just listing product features.