Copy Writing

Content is heavily researched, educational, and elicits strong interest or emotion in the target audience. I create a consistent brand voice that sells a product's benefits, rather than just listing product features.

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Copy Editing

If you're looking for your run of the mill proof-reader then you've come to the wrong place. If you're looking for someone who can pick out even the tiniest of detail, then please stay and reach out to me.

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Strategic SEO

What's the point of writing copy if it won't rank or be seen? With my SEO strategy, your products will always rank high and always have eyes.

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My Professional Philosophy

My philosophy is simple: work hard, be creative, laugh, have fun, always speak your mind, never give up and love what you do. I'm real, unique, honest and genuine. And the best part? So are my ideas. I produce creative copy that you can't find anywhere else, because if someone else could think of it, then I'd never present it to you.

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Next Steps...

If you're interested in working with me or would like to interview me for a potential Copy Writing or Copy Editing Position feel free to contact me via the form here.